4. Rank

Rank is a ranking system to divide the skill level of players in the game. To reach these ranks, players must participate in ranked matches. It is considered to be the system that attracts the largest number of players, it is simply a system where players can express themselves and prove their level.

There are 3 components in the ranking system such as:

  1. Player's score (Elo): In the game, the player's value is expressed through the Elo index, which can be understood as a unit used to measure the player's position in your game. The units used to evaluate can include: Win/Loss ratio (Win/Lose), Score (score).

  2. MatchMaking: a method to bring players with the same Elo level into a match. The better the matchmaking method, the more attractive and fair players will feel in your product. Elo points are used as the main reward for these matches. The system always includes a clear add/subtract point mechanism.

  3. Rank: Rank is a form of evaluating and honoring players. Of course, each rank will be accompanied with valuable in-game rewards. Rank is also a way to show competition between players.

The hierarchy of Player Ranks from low to high is as follows:

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