2. Play to earn

Dragon Kart allows players to earn more rewards through playing the game in the following ways:

  • Players who join for free will use the original default characters and race cars to participate in the game modes and achieve high rank, players can receive a set of characters that can be traded on the marketplace or use those character sets to earn $KART through game modes. For those using the default character and racing car, it will take a longer time than for players using the character and racing car traded on the marketplace.

  • If you can't wait, you can use $KART to buy characters and racing cars on the marketplace. With this character and racing car, players can instantly receive $KART tokens through the game modes. If you want more, practice your skills and conquer competitions and leader-boards.

  • If you are a digital asset owner/collector, you can spend $KART and in-game NFTs as a digital asset. The project allows for peer-to-peer DeFi functionalities such as providing liquidity, borrowing and lending using $KART as the unit of settlement for transactions. For example, owners of NFTs, may lend these out to other players at variable pricing, depending on the direct between the lender and the borrower.

  • If you want to earn some money, or self-organize events and arrange proper rewards as what you expect, you can buy maps (in NFT standard) which is traded in marketplaces to have your own incomes from those events.

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