Dragon Kart

Dragon Kart is a 3D racing e-sport game built on the Blockchain platform, with the characters in the game taken from a Pikalong series by a Vietnamese well-known artist named Thang Fly.

Dragon Kart

In 2088, the planet Kart is invaded by forces from outer space who are called Kaman. They sealed and reorganized the entire planet Kart in order to dominate and plunder their wealth and divide it into many different lands. Each land is run by a Boss. Kaman tries to destroy the entire planet, plunder the wealth to bring back to his planet and exhaust the resources of Kart.

The Kaman race loves speed, so on their planet there are always fierce and bloody racing "arenas". All people on the Kart who want to regain their freedom need a representative to participate in this race. In order to save the planet Kart from Kaman's domination, all the people of the Kart need to work together to collect enough pieces from the Bosses of the lands to be able to reach into the universe and compete with the ultimate Bosses of their planet. To participate in the competition and have the opportunity to collect enough pieces, the racers must equip themselves with the best racing car, practice and participate in the most basic races to the most difficult ones.

Dragon Kart is a 3D racing e-sport game built on the Blockchain platform, with the characters in the game taken from a Pikalong series by a Vietnamese well-known artist named Thang Fly. Players can participate in dramatic races, and use their superior driving skills to earn various rewards and tokens from hard-earned victories. Gameplay of Dragon Kart is considered as a "arena" of life and death when it requires players to combine their driving skills with the use of individual character skills. In addition, on each track there will be “mystery boxes” with which participants will be allowed to receive a new weapon to help gain an advantage and win races.

You will not be alone on each of your own tracks since you can invite friends or family to race, play and earn rewards together. Dragon Kart is developed on Unity 3D technology with the most advanced game backend system that ensures connecting more than 100,000 different races taking place at the same time, giving you a smooth and best game experience. All you need to do is practice your driving skills to the best of your ability, memorize the tracks, study the skills of each character and come up with the right strategy for each race to win.

Thang Fly is a legendary name in the Vietnamese comic series field. He is the author of PikaLong - a well-known comic series which has inspired many products such as toys, games, decorations, animated movies, etc in Vietnam. The name PikaLong has been a symbolic meme of millions Vietnamese after the series got viral and became a hot trend among the youth.

Thang Fly is now an artist influencer with 1.4M+ followers on Facebook and has been featured on notable Vietnamese media sites.

His facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thangfly Featuring on media: https://35express.org/thang-fly-la-ai-tac-gia-nhung-buc-tranh-lay-cam-hung-tu-doi-thuc/


We believe that games play an integral part in people's lives. With games we can discover hidden abilities of ourselves, the group, the society which are not revealed in the real world. The hidden talents include limitations of imagination, thinking of strategy and fast-paced games in action games, interaction and teamwork in team games, etc. ‌ All of them opened up their new possibilities.

The advent of blockchain technology takes the development of games to a new level. With the outstanding features of blockchain such as security, decentralization, transparency and freedom, blockchain can leverage user experience to the level we have never seen in any traditional games before.

Moreover, we want the world to change the way it looks at game and technology projects from Vietnam, to bring the image of Vietnam to the world and expand the scale of the blockchain game industry to gradually replace traditional games, so that the game is not only entertainment but also a business niche.


Dragon Kart's mission is not just to create an esport game but a platform game that connects crypto digital asset owners with gamers and streamers. These three components will create a sustainable ecosystem that makes gaming, digital asset ownership, and in-game exchange famous around the world.

To do this, Dragon Kart must fulfil 3 tasks, including:

  • Gameplay must be really appealing and entertaining to keep players interested in playing on a daily basis. The game must have useful features that facilitate users’ connection together such as the Metaverse world and the accompanying features of the game. Players have the chance to be connected and interact like a miniature society in the game.

  • The system empowers players to be creative by allowing players to buy tracks (maps) to create their own tournaments and reward participants. Organizers can livestream on popular platforms like Facebook/Twitch/YouTube to host great races and can use Kart Coin ($KART) to reward participants and generate income for themselves.

  • Digital asset owners have a close connection with players. They can be a player, or also enter into strategic partnerships to provide in-game assets to promising players with the skills to win at games. Dragon Kart will assist in providing a DEFI economy on the blockchain helping to make it transparent and convenient. The DeFi ecosystem allows players to stake, lend and farm.

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