4. Mystery box

On the racing "arena" of Dragon Kart, there are always Mystery boxes inside including weapons with different uses.

The weapons inside the Mystery box are random and each weapon has its own level for each of those weapons.

1. HASTE STONE (HASTE): When activated, a green light will appear at the character's feet and help the car accelerate for a short period of time.

- Haste lv1: Vehicle is accelerated to 100% in 2s

- Haste lv2: Vehicle is accelerated to 100% in 4s

- Haste lv3: Vehicle is accelerated 100% in 6s

2. FIRE STONE (FIRE): When activated, the character will fire a fireball to attack the enemy in front, if hit, the enemy will be blown up.

- Fire lv1: Launches fireballs in a straight line at high speed, if hitting the front enemy, he will explode

- Fire lv2: Launches two fireballs that move in a spiral at high speed. It automatically chases 1 target in front. If the user is in first place, the fireball will move until it hits the last person in the race. Enemies that get hit will explode in 3s and then fall.

- Fire lv3: Launches a large fireball at high speed forward, it automatically chases and explodes the target that it approaches until all the riders are hit, the fire will end. Those hit by bullets will explode in 2s and then fall.

3. ICE STONE (ICE): When activated, the character will drop ice water, forming a puddle. Racers who don't fly but move through puddles will slip

- Ice lv1: The character drops a drop of ice water to form a puddle. Non-flying racers moving through puddles will slip 1s.

- Ice lv2: The character drops many ice drops, forming a large puddle. In narrow areas it will be difficult to avoid and non-flying riders will slip 1s.

- Ice lv3: All riders will be wrapped in a circle of ice and the riders will continuously spin out of control until they hit something or until the 3s time limit expires and explodes, knocks up in 1s and falls down.

4. THUNDER STONE (THUNDER): When activated, the lightning will bounce from above to the front target, if hit the character will be stunned.

- Thunder lv1: A bolt of lightning that bounces in 1 front rider if the player is not in first place, or hits a rear racer if the player is in first place with a 60% hit rate.

- Thunder lvl2: 3 lightning bolts bounce in front of the opponent, with 80% hit rate.

- Thunder lv3: 3 large lightning bolts hit all opponents, 100% hit rate, causing all riders to be knocked up in 2s and then fall.

5. MINIMIZE STONE: A fairy with a red hammer appears on all riders and hits them, reducing their size and speed.

- Minimize lv1: Reduces the size and speed of all racers by 25% except the user

- Minimize lv2: Reduces the size and speed of all racers by 50% except the user

- Minimize lv3: Reduces the size and speed of all racers by 75% except the user

6. REFLECT STONE (REFLECT): When activated, the purple wave that surrounds the character, protects the character from attacks in 3s, when negating an attack, the protection circle disappears on its own. Not only do they block attacks, they also REFLECT some attacks. Thunder lvl1 and Doom will be reflected directly, while lvl2 and lv3 Fire can be deflected so that it hits another target.

- Reflection stone has no level up.

7. SKULL STONE (DOOM): When activated, 1 skull appears on the head of 1 front opponent countdown within 10s (or 1 behind opponent if the player is at the top), the time to 0 it spontaneously explode causing the opponent to be knocked up in 2s and then fall.

- Skull Stone has no level up.

8. ULTIMA STONE (ULTIMA): When activated, a beam of light is released that hits all players causing them to slide or explode.

- Ultima lv1: A beam of light hits all riders, causing them to slip in 1s.

- Ultima lv2: Light is fired to all targets, knocking them up in 2s.

- Ultima lv3: Shining light hits all targets, knocking them up in 3s and then falling.

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