5. Gamemode

Dragon Kart builds 3 basic game modes so you can participate in the game with each mode having different methods and rewards

Here are the three game modes:

Player vs Computer (PvC): Players will participate in conquering races on different planets, with each race the player will compete with pre-programmed (AI) racers.

Each track on each planet will have a different number of machines (AIs) participating, the number of laps and the time for each race is different. The later races will increase the difficulty, requiring players to have skills as well as reasonable tactical strategies to win.

For each race won, players will receive rewards such as: experience points (Exp), item boxes (characters, Kart (vehicles), accessories, ...), tokens $KART, POINT.

Person Versus Person (PvP): This game mode allows players to participate in races with other players, where players will show their driving skills along with making reasonable strategies to win for each race. Each winning race, players will receive rewards includes experience points (Exp), item boxes (characters, vehicles, accessories, ...), $KART tokens, POINT. The game mechanics and rewards will be built by Dragon Kart’s system.

Moreover, players can buy maps (which are NFTs traded on Marketplace) to organize their own races and receive token revenue from rewards through those races.

Players can create their own tracks that allow you to play with your friends, creating exciting, exciting races with fun experiences. Dragon Kart is guaranteed to bring you and your friends an entertaining race, this is a place that can help you relieve stress and immerse yourself in the laughter of the races. Playing with friends mode will not receive the above rewards.

Tournaments: it is considered the most anticipated and most attractive mode for players. Every year there will be tournaments for all the best riders in the world to participate in the tournament, this is considered the most intense mode for players when they have to go through many consecutive laps, where an different ultimate winner is picked.

The tournament will take place in about 3 months and is divided into many different groups depending on the number of registered participants. The first rounds will be randomly arranged and not depend on the level and rank of the players, so this is considered the competitive racing "arena within the gaming ecosystem".

Participating in tournaments, players will still receive basic rewards such as experience points, basic items and in-game POINT. However, that's not all, the most attractive rewards players receive are special item boxes containing NFTs and $KARTs, these NFTs will be extremely rare and can only be obtained through Tournaments .

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