Guideline How To Play

Dragon Kart How To Play

I. Login Screen

  • Step 1: Enter your registered email pasword

  • Step 2: Press Login button to enter the game

II. Register

  • Step 1: Enter your email, pasword and confirm password

  • Step 2: Press Register to create new account

III. Main Menu

  1. Select Play Mode

Single Player Mode: Play with bots

Multiplayer Mode: play with other players (not yet released)

2. Map and Game Mode Select

There are 3 available maps: Gingerbread Land, Atlantis Mariana, Cueva del Dragon

  • Step 1: Select map by click on Map ICon

  • Step 2: Press Next to go to next screen

3. Character and Car Select

  • Step 1: Select your Character and Car to play. Each character and car will has different statistic skill

  • Step 2: Press Next to go to next screen

4. Summary Screen

Your previous selection will be display here, confirm your selection and press Play button

IV. Game Play

  1. Game layout explaination

  • The game will display mini map on top Left corner of the screen.

  • Pause button on top right screen will pause the game.

  • On bottom right is Use Item and Use Sill button which will be explain in next section of this guide

2. Key binding and how to play

a. Car control

Press W to move forward.

Press S to move backward and drifting when drive at high speed.

Press A to steer left.

Press D to steer right.

b. Skill and Item

Press K to use collected item

Press J to use your character skill

3. Game Ending

You can replay the match or go to main menu by pressing corresponding button.

V. Weapon guideline

  1. Water Balloon

Throw this balloon ath your component to trap them inside a water sphere for 2 seconds. Press K to active

2. Water Bomb

Drop this bomb on the road, any opponent contact with it will be trapped inside a water sphere for 2 seconds. Press K to active

3. Banana

Throw a banana bihind you, any opponent step on it will lose their control for 2 seconds.

Press K to active.

4. Protective Shield

Protect user from any hams for 5 seconds. Press K to active.

5. Magnet

This magnet will pull KART TOKEN that appear on the road to your position. Last for 10 seconds. Press K to active.

6. Homing Missile

Launch a missile into the air and find the 1st place player. Blow the target up for 2 seconds.

Press K to active.

7. Missile

Launch a missile in front of you in a straight line. If it hit any target, it will blow the target up for 2 seconds. Press K to active

8. UFO

This UFO will folllow the 1st place player for 3 seconds and slow them down for 50%.

Press K to active.

VI. How to equip NFT Weapon

  • If you own a NFT Weapon you can use it right after the race start.

  • You can equip NFT Weapon by go to Inventory then select the NFT Weapon that you want to use in the race.

  • Take advantage of NFT Weapon to get highest ranking in the race. Higher rank will get more TOKEN reward.

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